Miley and Her Sexy Ponies

by Miley and Her Sexy Ponies

(free) 01:21


Miley C***** is a brony
at least that's what they say
putting on her pony swag
and new album you can play
lover's gotta love
while haters gotta hate
pony music for the bronies
who are lookin for a date
one person's trash
is another person's treasure
some people just can't handle
the things that give you pleasure
another crazy concept
and sexy adventure
guaranteed to warp your mind
and raise your blood pressure
cause every mare's a girl with a tail to tell
every mare's a girl with a tale to tell
every mare's a girl with a tail to tell
this is really fuckin fucked up

This remix album is free with a purchased copy of Freek.
It's ponified 17 tracks about 18 ponies. Dedicated to Miley, M@c, and all the clop artists of the community.
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released December 31, 2016




Freewave Denver, Colorado

I'm a brony musician since way back in October 2011. I have made a large collection of varied MLP music from many different genres and styles to reflect what i like. I do remixes, originals, covers, medleys, mashups, and mixtapes too. I sample and get influenced from many places but the outgoing music is always pony. I keep my prices cheap so that you may enjoy the music. I hope you enjoy. ;) ... more

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